Manufacturer of Modified Bituminous Torch Applied Membrane

Crown Seal APP (Atactic Polypropylene) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is especially designed for torch-on applications. Manufactured from a premium mixture of bitumen and APP compound, add on superior polyester reinforcing, to obtain excellent heat & UV resistance and waterproofing properties. Crown Seal is available in properly factory sealed packing. Crown Seal is an extra ordinary damp proofing product which is easy to install and will provide long-term water resistance.

Uses of Crown Seal Membrane Sheet:

Membrane sheet can be used in the following parts of buildings:

  • Over top roof, terrace slabs and balconies
  • Underneath and around basements
  • Bathroom & any wet surface
  • In water tanks
  • Over land scape concrete decks, between the soil and concrete
  • In swimming pools
  • Bridges and tunnels

Application Method of Crown Seal Membrane Sheet:

Before apply Crown Seal membrane sheet we should remove all rough materials from the surface where we want to apply it and should follow the good applying practice. The bituminous waterproofing membrane is unfolded on the construction site and laid firmly on the surface with Crown Seal Primer using blowtorches. Tiles and membranes are applied over the filler material laid to slope to pass the flow of water into drains properly.

Benefits of Crown Seal Membrane Sheet:

  • UV-reflective properties
  • High tensile & tear Strength
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Root Resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to positive water & vapour pressure
  • High puncture and fatigue resistance

Storage of Crown Seal Membrane Sheets:

  • Rolls should always be stored in a covered area or be covered with a protective sheet until required for installation.